1st Qualification round

After the first day of qualification the archers could get a feel of the beautiful but tricky courses set on the golf course of Castle Mokrice.
By setting the targets on the fairways of the golf course the organizing committee did a great job in making it difficult to judge distances as some archers commented.

“It was a very challenging course with some tricky slopes. The short grass of the field made it extra difficult to judge distances. I shot decent and was lucky to have a good group. So far I am having a great time.” reigning 3D world champion Anne Lantee (Compound women) said.

Scores were not very high compared to recent editions but with perfect shooting weather and the archers being used to the course we can expect much better scores today during the second round of qualification.

For semi live results please visit ianseo.net or the World Archery Europe website www.archeryeurope.org


novica day 1

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